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americansouthlogo.png is an initiative of the Southern Economic Development Council, North America's oldest and largest regional economic development association. SEDC members inspire innovation, prepare people and product for prosperity, market advantages across the globe, and create and retain world-class opportunities for business.

Last year, SEDC members collectively served within a network that developed well over 200 billion dollars in new capital investment that will create over 250,000 new jobs. Furthermore, the SEDC service territory accounts for over 8 trillion dollars of the US GDP. On a global scale, this economic power would position our region as the third-largest economy on the planet. Global enterprise clearly understands what we so profoundly do, that there’s no better place to live, play, and grow a business than the American South. highlights the many benefits of our region as an ideal business location in the United States. 

Airplane Wing
Railway Track

The American South is home to iconic brands and emerging industries that define global markets. SEDC member states offer an unparalleled business advantage with world-class location, workforce, product, and quality of life.
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