The American South offers endless possibilities in combining geography, business support, and community...




Leading The American South is notably business friendly, with a vast array of energy resources, easy access to markets, and diverse workforce skills throughout its 17-state region.

The American South is one of the fastest growing regions for new business locations in the world. Blessed by nature with a sunny climate and plentiful rivers, this region of 17 states offers ample energy resources, almost boundless land availability and a growing population in thriving communities that welcome business growth and economic development.


Throughout the South, a comprehensive network of interstate highways connects markets, international airports, and ports. Research universities, state and private four-year and two-year colleges prepare an educated and skilled workforce. The South's positive labor environment draws a wide range of business - including start-ups, new divisions and those relocating from other regions and countries. States, counties, and towns work aggressively to attract business with incentives, move-in ready and build-to-spec industrial parks, and competitive utility costs. 

No matter where a business might locate in the South, it will find itself close to markets, transportation, energy, and labor - all the ingredients for successful business growth and expansion.